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Although the famed moonwatch, like most omega speedmaster chronographs, is handwinding, omega has produced automatic speedmaster watches for decades. When the caliber 321 made its reintroduction back in january of 2019, the first package it was delivered in left some to be desired by purists and collectors. The name speed was chosen because of the tachymeter ring that encircles the dial this was actually a worldpremiere at the time as the speedmaster was the very first chronograph to take the tachymeter away from the dial and to have it on a bezel outside the. Omega is proud to introduce its series of video manuals simple but detailed user guides that illustrate the functions of the seamaster. That year, buzz aldrin became the second man to set foot on the moon, wearing none other than the speedmaster. The speedmaster only drew the attention of nasa in 1962. How omegas speedmaster moonwatch made space history the. While chronographs have been around since the late 1800s, omega first introduced this line of chronographs in 1957. It was the russians that have triggered the space race called the amercian sputnik crisis. The astronauts aboard mercury spacecraft wore their own personal wristwatches. Just three years later, the company received a significant endorsement from nasa, which solidified the speedmaster as the official chronograph for american space missions. This caliber was most famously used in the omega speedmaster since its inception in 1957 through 1965 and then in the speedmaster professional from 1965 through 1968, at which point it was replaced by the omega 861. The ck2915 also known as the broad arrow, is a holy grail watch. When using the hashtag, make sure you post the actual model displayed on this page.

The complete history of the omega seamaster truefacet. Its one of the most popular and historically significant models in the omega family of watches. Omega speedmaster is a line of chronograph wristwatches produced by omega sa. Professional moonwatch which, with its famous manualwinding calibre 1861. Omega speedmaster history part 2 the 1970s editions. A few imagined it would be the watch that would accompany some of the most daring moments in human history. And in that function it is hopelessly outdated by todays quartz movements. Please refer to the operating instructions for specific information about the warranty conditions and restrictions. The speedmaster was not originally designed for space exploration. As well as powering ed whites spacewalk speedmaster referenced above, the famous movement drove the speedmaster st 105.

The speedmaster was released by omega in 1957 as a sports chronograph, it helped to solidify omega as the perfect choice manufacture for timing equipment for none other than the olympic games. With over 60 years of history, omega speedmaster, a legendary timepiece, is under the spotlight with standard and limited production models from the beginning. The astronauts kept pushing for something like an official watch that could be worn during space missions. It is the latest in the speedmaster line, the most distinguished family of the watches in omega s history excerpt from the omega speedmaster 125 instruction manual. In 1962, speedmaster s reference changed once again, but the new model is visually identical with the latest version ref. Get omega speedmaster instruction manual pdf file for free from our online library pdf file. Winding the watch once a day should be enough to ensure the correct functioning of the watch. Thats because, as far as wrist watches are concerned, the speedmaster was not only the first modernday chronograph ever built hosting the now standard layout of three counters and a timing scale on the bezel but was also the first watch worn by an. This year, omega and speedmaster fans everywhere are celebrating a milestone. The omega speedmaster 60th anniversary omega watches. The omega speedmaster history makes it one of the most beloved watches in the world now in the game for more than 60 years, its revolutionary styling, the one that set out its trio of stopwatch counters in the classic arrangement and moved the tachymeter scale off the dial and onto the bezel, has inspired the layout for a host of rivalsbut has never been bettered.

The history of the omega speedmaster part 2, the 1970s editions, including. The watch line includes many distinctive models, all of which have contributed to the captivating history of the speedmaster professional. Ck 2915 was introduced in 1957, with sales and marketing started the following year. First launched as a watch for race car drivers in 1957, and later linked to mankinds greatest leap in 1969, few watches come close to the cachet of omega. Omega speedmaster moonwatch 1969 avw all vintage watches.

The model was an immediate hit and became the brands best seller. I called this a brief history of the omega constellation because as long as omega constellationcollectors. Also referred to in the watch community as the moonwatch, the omega speedmaster is a spectacular timepiece with a fascinating history. This is it guys the most recent omega user manual for all models. The first watch to be worn on the moon, the omega speedmaster is a legend. Every omega watch is warranted for a period of sixty 60 months. It is a testimony to the integrity of omegas historical movement. Omega speedmaster s are considered one of the most collectible timepieces in the world. This was a private purchase and had nothing to do with nasa.

For well over half a century, the omega speedmaster has witnessed events that have tested the limits of physical endurance and human courage, including the first manned moon landing in july 1969 and every lunar mission since that time. Now heres a bit more serious comment, i have read that exposure to light is the most significant cause of patina on tritium and that watches that remained stored for long time and thus not exposed to light may develop the moredesirable patina. The 39 mm calibre 321 speedmaster sports chronograph ref. Sep 19, 2017 one of this years biggest watchworld stories is the 60th anniversary of the iconic omega speedmaster. Preowned and used omega speedmaster watches crown and caliber. Omega speedmaster all prices for omega speedmaster watches.

The hodinkee shop is an authorized retailer of new watches from a growing but carefully curated set of brands. Their stories begin about a decade apart, yet both models have celebrated a number of milestones alongside each other. Since then, many different chronograph movements have been marketed under the speedmaster name. The speedmaster would become a lunar cash cow for omega as having astronauts wear your watches is a marketing campaign that keeps on giving and the seamaster 300 would go onto inspire the designs of nearly all dive watches from omega for the next 50 years. The omega speedmaster professional moon watch is easily the most soughtafter model by vintage omega watch collectors. In this instance the thickness of the text actually shrinks for the first time and because of that there appears to be more space between the individual letters in the omega name. Apr 08, 2017 earlier versions of this page included a table of detailed information concerning nasaflown speedmasters. Omega speedmaster calibre 18611863 video manual youtube. Speedmaster, seamaster, deville, constellation click the pics for fullsize. You will be contacted on instagram if your picture has been selected. Apr 20, 2016 granted the omega speedmaster is a very cool looking watch, and was a relatively accurate mechanical movement for its time. Today it remains the oldest model in omega s current collection.

The omega seamaster may be most quickly recognized as the james bond watch, but the watchs history dates back to 1948 when it debuted in celebration of omega s 100th anniversary. From here, the speedmaster s omega calibre 321 movement was later developed in 1946 and perfected before its application in the ck 2915 model in 1957 with the first speedmaster model. It is the latest in the speedmaster line, the most distinguished family of the watches in omegas history excerpt from the omega speedmaster 125 instruction manual. View and download omega speedmaster moonwatch user manual online. Here is the access download page of omega speedmaster instruction manual pdf, click this link to download or read online.

The speedmaster collection offers a large selection of chronographs. On july 20, 1969, neil armstrong and buzz aldrin became the first humans to set foot on the moon. Jun 21, 2018 every tuesday on my website, we tackle a topic related to omega speedmaster watches. The stepped dial in perfect condition features the printed omega logo and original matching hands. Now in the game for more than 60 years, its revolutionary styling, the one that set out its trio of stopwatch counters in the classic arrangement and moved the tachymeter scale off the dial and onto the bezel, has inspired the layout for a host of rivalsbut. The evolution of the speedmaster models, from the original speedmaster model reference ck 2915 with calibre 321 also known as the broad arrow to the 105. The real first omegas in space there are many legends and stories about the first steps of the omega speedmaster in the nasa history prior to its. The enduring popularity of the speedmaster professional is surely a reason why the watch, which has remained nearly unchanged since 1957, has prevailed as the centrepiece of the omega speedmaster collection.

Desmond guilfoyle has spent ten years chronicling, cataloging and writing about the constellation and i. The speedmaster, also known as the moonwatch, is an icon. The parts you list above, with the exception of the mainspring, are not movement parts. Oct 12, 2015 the backstory of the moonwatch and its space race story is one of the most famous and inspiring story in omega speedmaster history. On chrono24 youll find prices for 76 omega first omega in space ref 311. A brief history of the omega constellation timepiece. The omega speedmaster 125 is a 2000piece limited edition that pays tribute to omegas rich history. The first speedmaster to be powered by the new caliber 321, in the platinum metal. On chrono24 youll find prices for 2,834 omega speedmaster watches and can then buy one of the luxury watches at a bargain price. Omega speedmaster history the moonwatch story omega. Normal position wearing position in this position the watch can be wound using the crown. This was just about the only significant change made to the faithful speedy, as you have the same 42 mm case with lyre lugs of the previous reference 145. My pieces have sold to folks all over the globe with great feedback from the folks who have purchased them.

The backstory of the moonwatch and its space race story is one of the most famous and inspiring story in omega speedmaster history. The official status of omegas speedmaster professional as that of moonwatch is widely known and celebrated amongst enthusiasts and certainly by omega themselves. The parts supply for this movement from omega is very limited, and anything that omega doesnt still supply, you would have to rely on the open market. It has been enriched with numerous new features and additional information respect to the previous edition. Excerpt from the omega speedmaster 125 instruction manual. With a case that measures 39mm in diameter it is smaller than its big brother the speedmaster professional which has a case. The complete history of the omega speedmaster, one of the most iconic. These watches are typically labeled speedmaster automatic on the dial, but some have other names.

Instead, it was introduced in 1957 as a sport and racing chronograph following on from the early chronographs of the 1920s and 1930s, including the omega 28. Omegas legendary speedmaster moonwatch has been on every. The history of the omega speedmaster part 1, the premoon editions, including the very first broad arrow and how the speedmaster became the moonwatch. The omega speedmaster might just be the most famous watch ever made thanks to its role in of one of the most important moments in history.

In the first of our fourpart series in partnership with omega, the vertical horizon frontman shares his meistersigned reference 145. Omega is proud to include the swiss made mark on all of its watches. The technical feat involved in meticulously resurrecting this manual. Speedmaster calibers 321 vs 861 vs 1861 omega forums. The omega seamaster may be most quickly recognized as the james bond watch, but the watchs history dates back to 1948 when it debuted in celebration of omegas 100th anniversary. Omega speedmaster 1969 for sale in uk view 27 bargains. Therefore, any activities which conflict with the program presented by the regional. The speedmaster was a handsome watch, big for its day with a 39mm diameter. Omega speedmaster history part 1 the early premoons. Ck29 omega seamaster 300, ck2914 omega railmaster and ck2915 omega speedmaster. The speedmaster reduced was first introduced in 1988 as a smaller, cheaper version of the omega speedmaster, the worlds first space watch. Wally schirra but also gordon cooper on mercury 9 one of the first american astronauts, wore its own omega speedmaster ck2998 on a mercury flight, october 3rd, 1962. All omega watches are delivered with a 5year warranty that covers the repair of any material or manufacturing defects.

The official status of omega s speedmaster professional as that of moonwatch is widely known and celebrated amongst enthusiasts and certainly by omega themselves. Omega speedmaster watches popular used omega speedmaster watches the speedmaster garnered its iconic nickname, the moonwatch, after making history in 1969. Strap yourself in for a fantastic adventure as we look back at the speedmasters 60 year history, get to know its most famous. Each issue of gear patrol magazine is a deep dive into product culture. We look back at the long history of this fanfavorite omega watch. Omega speedmaster 50th anniversary patches collectspace. The omega speedmaster history time and watches the watch blog. The omega speedmaster has been around since 1957, meaning that this year marks its 60 th anniversary. Omega speedmaster reduced is a line of chronograph wristwatches based on the omega speedmaster and produced by omega sa. By partnering directly with the brands we carry, we guarantee 100% authenticity of everything we sell.

The first speedmaster was introduced as a sports and racing chronograph in 1957 and is pretty much the same speedmaster as we know it today. Prices for omega speedmaster watches prices for speedmaster. The 1957 speedmaster was the first chronograph wristwatch made with a tachymeter scale on the bezel rather than the dial, and was originally designed as a durable, reliable racing watch. Speedmaster automatic racing daydate schumacher, edited to celebrate the 5 th formula 1 driver championship title won the 21 july 2002 on magny cours racetrack france, limited serie of 5. From a watch that was designed as a sport chronograph, in a blind twist of fate, the omega speedmaster was worn to the moon. The speedmasters history goes back to 1957 when it was introduced as a sports and racing chronograph, complementing omegas position as the official timekeeper for the olympic games.

Nasa supplied each of the apollo astronauts with a standard issue omega speedmaster professional manualwind wristwatch pictured. No watch has ever played such a pivotal role in human achievement as the omega speedmaster moonwatch omega introduced the speedmaster in 1957. Historical perspectives revisiting the history of the omega speedmaster with the astronauts who wore them. Omega vintage 1969 advertisement speedmaster 321 8. This hulking mass of steel was omega s answer to the plight of specialist divers who needed watches capable of withstanding the damage caused by helium molecules in saturated environments its a great deal more complicated than that but this is meant to a brief history. Omega has designed the speedmaster 125 as a commemorative watch for its 125th anniversary. Preowned and used omega speedmaster watches crown and. A brief history of the moonwatch and moonphase, with actor george clooney in celebration of omega speedmaster s 60th anniversary, we look back on the legendary watchs biggest achievements with its ambassador george clooney, no less. The new moonwatch only the ultimate omega speedmaster guide is the 3 rd edition of the famous moonwatch only book. It was billed as a new type of chronograph, with a tachometersic and production meter, designed for research, industry, and sport. The timepiece also set the standard for the modernday chronograph dial in general, including the hallmark 12hour, triple register chronograph layout.

In 1962, omega made history when astronaut wally schirra wore a speedmaster on his mercury sigma 7 mission, making it the first omega watch to enter space. Rather than the historical remake many were hoping for, omega envisioned this 321 as an ultraluxurious take on the. Since then, the model has become the official watch o. They are arguably some of the finest made chronographs in the industry, and vintage speedmaster s can often be found at relatively reasonable prices on websites like ebay making them an. The dark face with simple highcontrast baton markers provides a perfect backdrop to the signature 12hour, tripleregister chronograph layout. Liftoff for the fascinating story of the legendary moonwatch.

This week, we look at models starting with the very first speedmaster in 1957, up to the legen. Known for its beautifully intricate design, the original calibre 321 was the first movement ever used in the omega speedmaster in 1957. The speedmaster, as the name implies, is a watch that began life as an automotiveoriented timepiece but went on to become much, much more. The initial model of speedmaster was produced for parts of two years before being superceeded by the ck2998105. Inside, youll find seasonal buying guides, rich maker profiles and longform dispatches from the front lines of product design. But the prime purpose of any watch is accurately tracking time. But to make this stuff easier on you guys, weve added a few shortcuts. Turn the crown forwards until you feel resistance do not overwind the mechanism. Currently, the omega speedmaster, which is primarily known for being the first watch on the moon, is one of the most famous watch models in history. The manual winding speedmaster professional or moonwatch is the bestknown and longestproduced. Speedmaster, a legendary chronograph from omega fhh journal.

The speedmaster was part of the iconic 1957 trilogy. Over the years, the brand has developed different iterations of the model. In early april 2017, we were reliably informed that table contains errors and were asked to remove it until such time as a replacement is provided by representatives of nasa, nasm, and omega. Its possible to browse the catalogue via the gallery below. The story of the moonwatch omega speedmaster history talk about watches with a story, talk about the omega moonwatch, so here is the backstory of the iconic watch. The speedmaster and seamaster are two of the omega brands most iconic models. Jul 16, 2017 revisited throughout its 60 years of life, owning a speedmaster moonwatch is a reminder of that unforgettable day in 1969 when two men and a speedmaster took their first step on the moon, thus writing one of the most exciting chapters in 20thcentury history. The constellation was omega s flagship family before it went adrift in the 1980s. Omega speedmaster professional chronographs, nasa history page. Omega kicks off 2020 with the introduction of the omega speedmaster moonwatch 321 stainless steel 311. The omega speedmaster history makes it one of the most beloved watches in the world.

Omega speedmaster professional vs rolex daytona 311. Omega speedmaster 50th anniversary patches the omega speedmaster professional, perhaps the most famous chronograph on the planet, is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year and to mark the occasion omega has launched a highly unusual and appealing advertising campaign offering consumers the chance to become part of the unique speedmaster story. The omega speedmaster design that we know and love today as the moon watch came about in 1963 with the reference st 105. Well, if the watch goes swimming without the recommended pressure testingpreventive maintenance, it may develop some nondesirable patina. From the late 1980s roughly through the current day this has been the style the omega text has taken. Are you looking for a watch with an impressive history and stateoftheart technology. Omega speedmaster history part 2 monochrome watches. How omegas speedmaster moonwatch made space history. The complete history of the omega speedmaster hiconsumption. Dec 28, 2008 vintage omega speedmaster models from 1957 by john goldberger. This alluring omega speedmaster premoon model was manufactured in 1969, the year of the first lunar landing, and is in excellent overall condition.

The story of the moonwatch omega speedmaster history. Moonwatch only, 60 years of omega speedmaster by watchprint. Summary history of the omega psi phi fraternity page 1 preface and acknowledgements the omega psi phi fraternity, inc. The manual winding speedmaster professional or moonwatch is the. The omega speedmaster history time and watches the. Aug 03, 2014 unboxing one of the last new omega speedmaster professional watches ref 3570. When the omega speedmaster watch was introduced in 1957, no one imagined that it would later accompany a parade of space pioneers to the moon. Interesting things about the omega speedmaster moonwatch. The watch gained its name from the use of a tachymetric bezel on the.

This simple wording guarantees a standard of quality that has been established over many centuries and is today a worldrenowned symbol of excellence. In this series of feature articles, we explore some of the collections milestones, decade by decade. The 321 movements also powered other omega chronographs. The speedmaster reduced is a subset of smaller 39 mm automatic speedmaster watches. On january 6, bernhard stoeber kicked off the 2020 hsny lecture series about the changes of the omega speedmaster chronograph caliber 321 and caliber 861 stoeber introduced the discussion with a brief history of the chronograph including the greek roots of the word chrono time graphein to write and its association with key individuals such as george graham, nicolas rieussec and. The complete history of the omega speedmaster, one of the most iconic chronograph watches ever created introduced in 1957, and how it became the moonwatch. With the popularity of vintagestyled watches in full swing, its not surprising that omega has revitalized its popular speedmaster lineup with these two new watches, the speedmaster 57 and the dark side of the moon vintage black. Recently omega has produced a reproduction of this model with a modern twisted lug case, slightly different hands and the modern c. It has been enriched with numerous new features and additional historical information.

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