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Outcome mapping om focuses on one particular category of results. Outcome mapping is a qualitative, actorcentered monitoring and evaluation approach that focuses on identifying changes in the behavior of a targeted group or individual and understanding the progression of these changes among the target groups. Each map examines a particular issue area or domain, and aims to document the relevant outcomes and indicators that are currently being m easured by. It is a vehicle for expressing and releasing the knowledge, creativity, and. Outcome mapping an impact evaluation approach which unpacks an initiatives theory of change, provides a framework to collect data on immediate, basic changes that lead to longer, more transformative change, and allows for the plausible assessment of the initiatives contribution to results via boundary partners. Outcome mapping om is a methodology for planning, monitoring and evaluating. It is also used to explore how students are meeting programlevel outcomes at the course level. Aiim stakeholder analysis influence mapping social network analysis force field analysis for example. Has the change occurred at a low, medium or high level.

Practitioner discussions hosted by the outcome mapping learning. Using concept mapping in evaluation ideas wont keep. Alfred north whitehead a program evaluator can be seen as a type of cartographer trochim, 1999 someone who can understand and chart the terrain of a program and its outcomes, develop maps that guide observation and measurement, and use the. The outcome challenge helps to define the ladder of progress needed toward the achievement of this ideal. Outcome mapping program mapping facilitates the alignment of courselevel outcomes with program outcomes. Logical framework approach and outcome mapping a constructive attempt of synthesis questions have occupied development practitioners from the outset. It differs from traditional metrics in that it does not focus on measuring deliverables and its effects on primary beneficiaries but on behavioural change exhibited by secondary beneficiaries. Outcome mapping puts people and learning first and accepts unexpected change as. Identifying the outcome challenges contd outcome challenge for boundary partner 1 district director of health service. Rapid outcome mapping approach roma jessica mackenzie, research fellow research and policy in development rapid programme, odi presentation at the lshtm symposium, 2015. Outcome mapping 3 tal premise of outcome mapping is that for each change in state there are correlating changes in behavior that are best encouraged if continuing responsibility has been devolved to local people and local institutions. At the completion of this unit, the paramedic student will understand his or her roles and responsibilities within an ems system, and how these roles and responsibilities differ from.

There are several benefits to mapping course outcomes to program outcomes. The plugin enables you to access the data tags by embedding a javascript plugin inside the pdf template. Publications, public relations media and events negotiation and. Because of this, outcome harvesting is able to capture aspects of the elusive process of change that are beyond the control of the individual or organization which served as a change agent to. It has been developed with international development in mind, and can also be applied to projects or programme relating to research communication, policy influence and research uptake. The rapid outcome mapping approach roma to policy influence group work. At the planning stage, the process of outcome mapping helps a project team or. Technical assistance developing countries evaluation. The mission is that bite of the vision statement on which the program is going to focus. Cross outcome mapping project scott phillips and john wolf on behalf of the project team and git chairs mb meeting september 15, 2016. The approach allows for openended exploration of locallydefined. Insert the program learning outcomes, according to the level of instruction, from the above table below and indicate the courses and levels that are required to teach each one.

The pdf mapping feature allows you to collect your data using a responsive online form and have the data stored digitally, in addition to having it generated as a pdf file. Crossoutcome mapping project chesapeake bay program. Outcome mapping is a methodology for planning, monitoring and evaluating development initiatives that aim to bring about social change. And the extent of outcome is demonstrable at any time of the project lifetime valuable for programs whose results and achievements.

The outcome map represented a graphic illustration of strategic outcomes, capabilities, enabling outcomes, and supporting actions that contributed to the functioning of the health care system. Between 1998 and 2005, universitycommunity partnerships at michigan state universitys office of university outreach and engagement published a series of 34 best practice briefs. Syllabus outcomes and content mapping grids stage 1 the templates for mapping syllabus outcomes and content have been provided to assist teachers in evaluating existing and planning new teachinglearning programs for the science k10 incorporating science. This book outlines a detailed step by step process for using outcome maps including a variety of worksheets and examples. An outcome journal needs to be set up for each boundary partner considered as a priority.

This is a winwin situation where the data is both entered and stored digital, and a paper form can also be created based on that. This page gives a brief introduction to the outcome mapping evaluation approach, with links to the outcome mapping manual, the outcome mapping learning community, some introductory presentations and videos, and case studies. Outcome mapping is a methodology for planning, monitoring and evaluating development initiatives in order to bring about sustainable social change. How can we ensure that we will use the insights of the outcome monitoring for re. Pdf development is about peopleit is about how they relate to one another and. The ddhs will be inserting a few fields in the hmis 105 and other forms and reports to meet their specific. This, added to the fact that outcome mapping is rarely forced on organisations as a condition of funding, means debates surrounding outcome mapping are less intense than those surrounding the logical framework. Outcome mapping focuses on changes in the behaviour of the people, groups and organisations influenced by a project or programme.

Outcome mapping is focussed at the level of outcomes. An impact evaluation approach which unpacks an initiatives theory of change, provides a framework to collect data on immediate, basic changes that lead to longer, more transformative change, and allows for the plausible assessment of the initiatives contribution to results via boundary partners. Outcome mapping is the centrepiece of our approach, and the cornerstone of our software outnav. A dash and the letter m added at the end of the file.

Identifying where and how particular outcomes are expected, explicitly taught for, and assessed ewell, 20 backwards design the curriculum understand the nature and role of course prerequisites. The map reflected the participating groups agreement on the outcomes to be achieved and the actions that needed to be taken, to realize the desired goals. Outcome mapping a participatory method for planning, monitoring and evaluation focuses on changes in behaviours of those with whom the project or program works oriented towards social and organizational learning what is outcome mapping. Outsiders turn up at a project and observe for a limited time, through their particular perspect\. Summary of the outcome of mapping and assessing kenyas. This paper provides a summary of the outcome of these processes, including the current.

Tools for knowledge and learning outcome mapping introduction as development is essentially about people relating to each other and their environments, the focus of outcome mapping is on people. Prepared by the pacific northwest evidencebased practice center under contract no. It shifts the focus from changes in state, viz, reduced poverty, to. The principles of outcome mapping interviews with om practitioners identified four guiding principles that underpin the outcome mapping framework. The rapid outcome mapping approach and project management for policy change odi is britains leading independent think tank on international development and humanitarian issues. Mar 14, 20 outcome mapping may be used by leaders and managers as a tool for building the prerequisites to integrated care, defined in the literature as a shared vision and a common understanding of how the vision will be realized.

Outcome mapping is a project progress measurement system that was designed by the grantmaking organisation international development research centre idrc. Complete a strategy map for each outcome challenge. The briefs were designed to summarize researchbased information about human service concepts, processes, models, and tools for funders, policy makers, and service organizations. Outcome mapping evaluation of six civil society projects in. The rapid outcome mapping approach and project management. Keyword search region of residence latin america and caribbean subsaharan africa south asia europe and central asia north america. Capturing social change through outcome mapping wikimedia. Monitoring and evaluation series outcome mapping 14. The process of outcome mapping helps a project team or program to be specific about the actors it targets, the changes it expects to see and the strategies it employs. A strategy map need to be developed to illustrate the strategies the program should use to achieve the outcomes. The logic model also known as an outcomes map or strategy map is a visual model that shows how all projects and activities within an initiative will drive the attainment of outcomes.

As the name suggests, its niche is understanding outcomes. Outcome mapping is a and evaluation tool developed by idrc of canada. Choosing the appropriate pme framework the usefulness of planning, monitoring and evalua tion pme frameworks depends on how and where they are used in practice and their characteristics and values can shape practice, depending on the extent. The unusual methodology of the most significant change technique and its outcomes are a foil for other monitoring and evaluation techniques, such as logic models results frameworks, appreciative inquiry, and outcome mappingespecially where projects and programs have diverse, complex outcomes with multiple. Though traditional flowcharting is its inspiration, mapping abandons some of the tradition to better serve the goal of simplicity and directness.

Like the logical framework, it is a planning methodology that has implications for how monitoring and evaluation is conducted. They are monitoring the use of handhelds and the quality of the data received by their staff. Outcome mapping helps a program be specific about actors to target the changes expected, strategies to be employed and, as a result, be more effective in terms of results to be achieved. Measuring and monitoring gender behavior change emily hillenbrand, sta gender and livelihoods. Application of matrix outcome mapping to constructively align. Outcome mapping unit administrator quick guide getting started in order to modify outcome mapping for your organization e. Outcome mapping om is a methodology for planning and assessing projects that aim to bring about real and tangible change. Generate creates a map enabled pdf, with the following naming convention. You can create a simple mapping matrix table for yourself in excel or word, in which the program outcomes are listed in the first row and the list of courses in the first column. Alignment within a program, between general education and institutional goals, etc. Outcome mapping focuses on changes in the behaviour of the people, groups and organisations influenced by a programme. Knowledge sharing tools and methods toolkit outcome mapping.

People involved in national and local policymaking, staff and. It is used for defining the scope of an initiative, identifying accountabilities, surfacing assumptions, as well as communicating and managing the outcome. The outcome journal is based on the graduated markers described above. Outcome mapping in resultsbased project cycle management 1 the outcome mapping approach 1.

Om recognises that people and organisations drive change processes the problem to be tackled, the. Curriculum mapping primer mapping courses to program. Their mission is to inspire and inform policy and practice which lead to the reduction of poverty, the alleviation of suffering and the achievement of sustainable. A summary of learning from the outcome mapping learning community is presented in the book making outcome mapping work. Strategies can concern specific individuals, groups or organizations or the. This is one of outcomes maps produced by npc in partnership with the sroi network, investing for good and big society capi tal. Evolving experiences from around the world, compiled and edited by harry jones, odi. Outcome mapping provides not only a guide to essential evaluation mapmaking, but also a guide to learning and increased effectiveness, and affirmation that being attentive along the journey is as important as, and critical to, arriving at a destination. Curriculum mapping is a process of documenting and analyzing the structure of program, and how individual courses work together to support student success through each year of study. Data presented in this mapping stems from two practitioners workshops convened by the iasc humanitarian development nexus task team. For each program outcome, detail the extent to which each course learning outcome contributes to the program outcome.

What are we hoping to achieve through mapping the curriculum. To help advocates, the getting started guide outlines basic guiding questions that support outcome map development, as well as accompanying exercises and tools to support documentation of decisions and the specific components of an outcome map. Outcome mapping provided a useful framework to address the sustainability challenges. It allows faculty to create a visual map of a program. The table below will allow you to complete this mapping process. Specific monitoring documents for the national coordinator, the ee. It shifts the focus from changes in state, viz, reduced poverty, to changes in behaviors. Nov 01, 2008 outcome mapping puts people and learning first and accepts unexpected change as a source of innovation. Strengths and limitations of outcome harvesting outcome harvesting focuses on all results, whether good or bad, planned or unplanned. A preliminary validation workshop was held in april 2010, with the aim to present the outcome of the childrens views, and to validate the information gathered in the toolkit, including strengths and major gaps of the system. An analysis of how and where outcome mapping has been applied, how users have experienced om and the support options available and required for its use. Different methods have been developed in international cooperation to provide answers to these questions to the actors involved. Outcome mapping focuses on changes in the behaviour of the people, groups.

Outcome mapping is an approach that helps to set or map out the steps that link the activities of a project, programme or organisation to the outcomes that are important. Gail tomblin murphy, rn, phd 1 using a modified outcome mapping approach to evaluate health system change and hrh planning november 2012 expert workshop. This webinar from the outcome mapping learning community omlc presents the key findings from research conducted into. Mapping program learning outcomes unsw teaching staff gateway. You can take the work that you did in the basic mapping by going further to specify how your activities will make a difference, in other words mapping the relationships between what you do and the longterm outcomes you want to see. Outcome mapping puts people and learning first and accepts unexpected change as a source of innovation. Some lessons policy processes and social realities are complex but avoid oversimplifying research plays a minor role in policy and practice but it is possible for research to play a role. The originality of the methodology is its shift away from assessing the.

Purpose for today inform mb of the mapping project discuss initial git priorities for mapping discussion with mb. Program learning outcome mapping matrix identify on the table below the courses that are required to teach the program learning outcomes. This is because the partner ownership is high enough to be able to see an effect, some observe changes and the programme influence is high enough to be able to say with some confidence. Through the om method, development programmes claim con.

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